Space Miners

I just LOVE this micro scale space mining ship. Michael Lehmann (Chiefrocker9000) has done a great job creating a realistic feeling utility space craft. The boom at the front in particular is quite striking. The color scheme is also quite pleasant, despite incorporating glaringly bright lime green.

Space Miners Exploration Freighter

4 comments on “Space Miners

  1. ry

    Sorry, didn’t mean to detract for the Space Miners moc. It’s nice, though from personal preference I’d dig the original PM colors (lime green orange) even more.

  2. CR9K

    Thanks very much for blogging, Dan!
    it really made my day ( in a good way of course!)

    About the “orange or not” discussion: i picked up the space miners theme from Pasukaru76, he left out the orange completly so i stuck with the Blue/Lime colourscheme – but for “original” PM the orange is a must of course..

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