Stilty brings the beefy splat

I couldn’t pass up this sentry robot by Jas Nagra, especially after reading his pithy description: “Yes, they bring the beefy splat.” As Tyler says, they’d fit well in Portal or Half-Life.

LEGO sentry robot

Also, this real-life robot is extremely creepy:

Apparently, Boston Dynamics is Skynet.

15 comments on “Stilty brings the beefy splat

  1. Ribbits

    Awesome bot! I’ve seen that robot before, and it is still one of the creepiest things I’ve ever seen… Heck, that one could fit in in Half-Life!

  2. Lego Merc

    That has gotta be, without shadow of a doubt, the creepiest thing on the whole damn planet. Its genius, and by far more adventurous than dear old Assimo. But dear Lord its terrifying. The next time I hear a bee I’m gonna soil myself.

  3. Axel

    What are you talking about ? The below video ?
    I guess it’s some sort of prototype for military use…

  4. Curtis

    I’ve seen this video before, very creepy indeed. I swear the people who did Metal Gear Solid 4 drew inspiration from this robot, check out the trailer for that video, they look very similar, except they only walk on two legs.

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