Online-only LEGO Star Wars special deals May 3 & 4 [News]

The LEGO Shop online is having a two-day promotion (May 3 and 4), with deals on several sets, free shipping on orders over 75 USD (50 GBP and 55 euro), an exclusive sticker sheet, and a chance to win one of two Boba Fett minifigs. Yes, this offer is available globally.

7754 Home One Mon Calamari Star Cruiser is on sale for 30% off, while the UCS Millennium Falcon is 25% off.

Also 25% off is 10195 Republic Dropship with AT-OT Walker:

Here’s a look at that unique bronze Boba Fett minifigure:

Bronze LEGO Boba Fett minifig

The sale and special promotions end in 48 hours.

21 comments on “Online-only LEGO Star Wars special deals May 3 & 4 [News]

  1. Pino

    Unfortunately not globally,

    Ultimate Collector’s Millennium Falcon™
    Item #: 10179
    Sorry, item is not available in this country: Netherlands.

    I think this one is only US

  2. Jai

    If it had been a copper Boba Fett minifig (And how do we know it’s not a Jango Fett minifig?), it would have eventually turned green. I think that would have been neat (Although… pretty weird).

  3. Darkfozzie

    the UCS Millennium Falcon is 25% off…
    Sorry, item is not available in this country: Spain.
    Vulg to hell to available globally!!!

  4. Impeesa

    Yeah, it looks like the Millenium Falcon and Dropship AT-OT were 75% off instead of 25% for Canadians, plus free shipping. Both are now sold out/backordered – glad I snapped one of each up quickly!

  5. Puddleglum

    ^Holy cow no kidding, looks like the punched in the sale for that and the dropship at 75% off.

    *runs off to see if he can sign up for a canadian credit card somehow*

  6. N33tFr33k

    I’m being told that the Falcon is not available in the US. I guess I waited too long?

  7. Duane

    The Canadian prices have been changed to 25% off, and it looks like the Millinium Falcon has been removed completely.

    Fingers crossed, hoping they honour my order.

  8. Mirandir

    Neither the Swedish mail or campaign page on S@H even mentions this Bronze Boba Fett figure at all. However turning the S@H’s local to United States or Canada It’s impossible to miss it… So I’m pretty sure it’s only you Americans that can participate in the raffle. :(

  9. Nannan

    I sense some serious screw up with the 75% sale. I hope my Falcon at 25% came through when I ordered it at midnight.

  10. AdamV

    Not that amazing of a sale (unless your one of the 75% off Canadians), I was hoping for a new set to be released or something.

    Stickers?……really Stickers?

  11. Sarah

    I agree with AdamV. Last year we got that mini figure poster, which I’ve really enjoyed. But its stickers, and not even of all the SW mini figs! So I’ll be skipping this sale.

  12. Ryan

    The Millennium Falcon was already sold out in the US by 10:00 (mountain time). I would have actually bought it. Disappointing.

  13. Karl Loeffler

    Well the Falcon’s price is now 509$ in Canada, but there are none available.

  14. ViralG

    I was lucky when I ordered the Millennium Falcon and Republic Dropship with AT-OT Walker at like 11pm PST. I will be quite displeased if I don’t get it at the price I paid.

    I just had to take advantage of that sale.

  15. worker201

    It’s cruel, the way TLG chooses to dishonor us early adopters by having big sales on big sets. I bought my UCS Falcon at full price 2 years ago. Where’s the loyalty discount?

  16. Tolwyn

    I totally agree with worker201 and thought of this yesterday, too.
    Having missed out on some sets in the past, I’ve become a very (gullible) early adopter. To see I could have saved nearly $200 buying both… is frustrating.

  17. Crusader

    worker201 and Tolwyn-

    Your statements echo a view of ignorance on a massive scale. Would you expect to purchase a 2008 car in 2010 for full price? No you would choose a new model if you are paying full price. Would you purchase a video game system that has been out for over 2 years at full price? no you would get it at discount or choose the latest model. I could go much deeper in detail how businesses market and sell products but judging from your previous comments I’m afraid it would be lost on the both of you.

    worker201 you ask of loyalty? Certainly not YOUR loyalty as you just accused TLG as acting “cruel” and the “dishonor” they have inflicted on you. Look up hypocrite sometime :)

    The bottom line is that you enjoyed the Lego sets for 2 years before they could be had on sale (for only 2 days in very limited quantities!).

    Would you rather Lego not “dishonor” you by having no sales? I personally think they need to have more :)

  18. 42BricksShort

    Is the UCS Falcon now discontinued? Lego (US site) shows it as “sold out”, but the Republic Dropship & AT-OT shows up as “backorders accepted”, although presumably also sold out.

  19. Andrew Robertson

    I had ordered 2 falcons at $170 cdn.then talk to a couple of people in our Vancouver Lego club and then decided to purchase 5 more for VLC members.All my transactions were confirmed but then monday afetrnoon the Lego group sent me an email saying they were going to limit me to two sets.
    I guess I should feel lucky to get two,has anyone else had an experience like this shopping online with the lego group?

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