ChromeBricks releases new metallic colors [News]

ChromeBricks, the supplier of quality chromed Lego elements, recently released new colors including metallic silver, metallic gold, and antique brass.

To show the quality of the new metallic colors, I built a vignette integrating metallic silver parts from both LEGO and ChromeBricks. I bet you can’t tell which parts are official and which ones are custom. Indeed, the new metallic colors are a perfect match to LEGO’s palette. In addition, the metallic colors are much more affordable than their chrome versions.

The antique brass color creates a realistic battle look. Now you can make companions for the upcoming Atlantis Naga Warrior.

You can see our previous review of ChromeBricks here.

4 comments on “ChromeBricks releases new metallic colors [News]

  1. sadrius

    Hopefully they’ll stock standard minfig helmets in metallic silver. I never understood why Lego doesn’t make metallic silver helmets to go with the visors and euro armor :(

  2. Catsy

    Yeah, the chrome pieces were cool but so shiny that–like Lego chrome–they’re difficult to use. The metallic silver, while not as shiny and cool, looks much better with other Lego colors for most purpose I’d use it for.

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