Yellow and blue with blazing bullets

The updated Arshada fighter by Don Wilson (thepaleman9) has all sorts of goodness from its rugged shape to the color blocking and sticker usages. I’m really sold on the orange windscreen, which highlights the core of this nimble fighter. Note that a bit of color can go a long way. Also, photoediting plays a huge role. Thanks to Zack Milenius (NewRight) for his touchup on the picture, the colors stand out even more compared to the raw photo.

3 comments on “Yellow and blue with blazing bullets

  1. Creative Anarchy

    I’m generally not a fan of the Pod-style ships. It’s partially a failing on my part of understanding how they would function practically and partially a fully admitted Bias for the Wester triangle-form starships from my childhood. However this model is pretty charming. There’s a lot of curve to the ship, emphasis of parts that distract you from that brick-reality that can be so hard to escape with Lego. Also I like how studs are used for effect rather than left open or obliterrated. I am really fond of this level of Greebling. I’m not bored with the level of detail and I’m not asking myself why seemingly vital systems are exposed. It gives the model a nice sense of realism. Nice work.

  2. ThePaleMan

    Thankd\s fo a truly genuine response. It’s nice tyo hear some critiquing regarding both style and substance. I try to ue greebles to augment the design, not for the sake of having them. I ended up cramming a lot into this little thing, but I feel like they all work. Apparently, so do you. Thanks for taking the time to give a well-thought out comment. It is greatly appreciated.

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