Hello Kitty Duplo! [April Fool’s!]

Hello everyone. It is with great pleasure that I bring you my first post on The Brothers Brick: Hello Kitty Duplo! Yeah, I couldn’t believe it either. But seriously, how many wives of AFOLs have been wanting this? Just in time for the Big in Japan display at BrickCon, Hello Kitty and LEGO have reached a licensing agreement to create DUPLO sets based on the popular Japanese cultural icon!

LEGO Hello Kitty

The only information I was able to gather was that the first release will have six sets. Initially, they will be sold exclusively through Sanrio stores in Japan. The images above and below were gleaned off a European site, so I can only assume that the sets will be available worldwide.

30 comments on “Hello Kitty Duplo! [April Fool’s!]

  1. alldarker

    The ‘bad’ news of FBTB passing away quietly is luckily compensated by this excellent news on the exact same day.
    Perhaps it’s time for FBTHK: From Bricks To Hello Kitty!

  2. Peppermint_M

    Seen it, knew it ages ago ;)(I am not known as the sdnarB enolC eht fo neeuQ on EB for nothin’).

  3. Apocalust

    Anyone else bracing for the astonishing wave of mutant Hello Kitty Lego approaching the world?

  4. Nolnet

    Things will happen while they can,
    I will wait here for my man tonight…
    It’s easy when you’re BIG in Japaaaaan!

  5. Creative Anarchy

    Kitty San!
    It’s a dream come tru.. wait is that the date? Oh you guys suck!

  6. Thuesen

    If this is your first post, I suppose you couldn’t have a worse start.

    You’re absolutely wrong about these sets.

    They are made by the Italian plastic-toy-company Androni Giocattoli.
    Link: http://www.toyweb.it/articolifor.asp?codfor=718

    A simple google-search would have revealed this, and that it’s been on the shelves in US and Denmark since August 2009. :-(

  7. Dave


    Quick…shoot humor and put it out of its misery. It’s writhing on the floor in pain like a cute wounded anime kitty.

  8. Peppermint_M

    They are real, just not Lego.

    I mean they exist in physical form. I was thinking of getting my Hello Kitty mad sister some.

  9. Creative Anarchy

    Hey admins! If we do find these sets and they are lego compatable would we be allowed to use parts for big in Japan?

  10. Kristie

    I can’t wait! I LOVE these. My son and husband loves Lego’s and I love to put them together as well but ever time I start one they end up taking over when I step away. I’ve been wanting the pink blocks forever but can’t justify buying them just for myself. These are perfect I hope they are sold everywhere or atleast easy to obtain. Please keep us posted if you find out more info. Thank you for shareing the news!

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