LEGO Prince of Persia sets now available at Toys R Us [News]

Two weeks before their scheduled release in April, the new LEGO Prince of Persia sets have found their way first to Toys R Us online. Three out of the five sets are now available at MSRP, and with free shipping over $100, this makes for a great opportunity to get these new sets early!

UPDATE: you can use the code 935009 (exp. 3/21/10) to receive $10 off on orders over $50. However, this cannot be combined with the free shipping offer.


7571 The Fight for the Daggericon (258 pcs. $29.99)


7572 Quest Against Timeicon (506 pcs. $49.99)


7573 Battle of Alamuticon (821 pcs. $79.99)

6 comments on “LEGO Prince of Persia sets now available at Toys R Us [News]

  1. gambort

    ^ I was surprised by the price too. I know they’ll rip me off anyway but at least a gouging on a cheaper set is cheaper than a gouging on an expensive one.

  2. Sarah

    Of course the other two sets not listed and The Fight for the Dagger are the ones I have on pre-order from Amazon. When I checked earlier today they were scheduled to ship on April 5th.

  3. David4

    Really Puddleglum? I haven’t been in a TRU in months, they are sexist. I can’t have a backpack but women can have use huge purses? Pigs.

    Also would you like to sign up for a TRU card? Would you like some batteries? Would you like to donate $1 to the Workers of TRU? Would you like it if I just did my job and rang the thing up? Would you like it if we charge more than Walmart and Target and then bitch about the fact we can’t make money?

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