LEGO Fad Masher generates mashup inspiration

The Brothers Brick Contributor Emeritus Linus Bohman has launched Swooshable, a “breeding ground for quirky, fun and usable LEGO apps and projects.”

The first app, Fad Masher, juxtaposes two LEGO fads and asks you what the result might look like.

Fad Masher

Create your own LEGO mashups with the Fad Masher.

8 comments on “LEGO Fad Masher generates mashup inspiration

  1. eti

    Is the sign supposed to do something, then? As far as I can tell, no mashups have been presented yet, I think we are supposed to make them…
    I did suggest Micropolis as a new fad.

  2. Arterin

    My favourite so far has been the “Chocobo Ubermann hardsuit” which I am very tempted to build.

  3. Creative Anarchy

    So I loathe the tend of mash-up in our culture at large. I couldn’t imagine how we could benefit from having random themes combined but I looked anyhow.

    Wall-E Black Fantasy = Awesome vignette now matter how you cut it.
    Cube Dudes Miniland = Sculptured figures with big heads for the win.
    Battle Bugs with Speeder Bikes = Dragonfly racers or God knows how much cooler that combo could get.

    Pretty much every combo I got was a pretty solid potential. I think I’m going to start work on a RAMM Uberman hardsuits combo. This is yet another lesson I’ve had forced down my throat about how I need to be open to trying new things.

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