So long and thanks for all the fish

Leigh Holcombes iMRA sub

Leigh Holcombe (Worker201) has sent the International Marine Recovery Agency (iMRA) under the sea to investigate the loss of fish. I’d do that job if I got to ride in this beauty.

8 comments on “So long and thanks for all the fish

  1. Thanel

    This really is a great sub. My lazy self is glad Tim beat me to blogging it.

    Hao: Have you figured out a way to use all those fish you got in the MMV draft?

  2. Andrew

    ^ It’s a reference to Douglas Adams, so I’m sure you’re not the first to use that phrase. Your dolphin is lovely, but redirecting discussion from another person’s LEGO creation to your own is generally not well received.

  3. Andrew

    @Fred. Yes.

    @kik36: No worries. I think we’ve all done that at one point or another, and usually with no negative intent at all. :-)

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