Depictions of the Chinese God of Wealth

I don’t know about you, but I got my red envelope on Chinese New Years a few weeks back. Here, two builders from Asia, rack911 and MrH have created the God of Wealth (財神). You can see the character 財, meaning wealth, depicted in both creations (in the latter it appears on the stand).

Here’s hoping your wealth comes in Lego bricks!

2 comments on “Depictions of the Chinese God of Wealth

  1. Ochre Jelly

    My kids got their “lucky money” envelopes the other week too – and were completely confused by the whole concept!

    So it is just me, or does the Chinese symbol for ‘wealth’ look a lot like a stick figure pushing a shopping cart loaded with Lego sets? That’s a pretty good definition, I would say…

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