We’ll fly away

Peer Kreuger LEGO Da Vinci Flyer animation
Also on youtube

Peer Kreuger shows off his building skills and some Web 0.0 animation with this animated GIF of Da Vinci’s flying machine. The working flapping motion and steering are well demonstrated and the model itself has an elegance about it. Ben giocato, Peer.

9 comments on “We’ll fly away

  1. mahjqa

    I’d hate to complain, but my last name is spelled ‘Kreuger’. And as far as I can tell I’m not related to the serial killer.

    Thanks for the blog!

  2. Andrew

    It’s been way too long since we’ve had an animated GIF to light up the front page (“Web 0.0” — LOL!).

    And Tim, I think this is the first post you’ve written that I’ve ever needed to edit — and twice in one day! :-P

  3. gambort Post author

    If they all had doubles I will blame the software. My guess is that Firefox on Linux doesn’t treat the window properly and adds to rather than overwrites the default ‘http://’.

    And to digress a little the default is silly anyway. Better would be to add the ‘http://’ if and only if the link doesn’t have it rather than giving it by default just in case you can’t use copy-paste.

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