The Time Twisters Contest [News]

Two members of Classic Castle, Aliencat and Bluesecrets, are putting on something called “The Time Twisters Contest“. I know you are wondering if this has something to do with that bizarre theme from the ’90s. The answer is ‘No’.

They want you to “medievalize” an official Lego set….any official Lego set. Here is an example of what they are looking for:

Lego Time Twisters.

Pick a set, any set. Figure out how it would look as a “Castle” set and build it. Naturally, you don’t have to actually own the original set, as you do not need use the pieces. Go Twist some Time!

6 comments on “The Time Twisters Contest [News]

  1. talltim

    it is a nice concept. However I can’t help feeling that the rond tower in the example is missing a huge weapon of some sort!

  2. Jean C

    Awesome contest.

    If my camera wasn’t broken (long story), I’d be time twisting an old Time Twisters set!

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