David needs a bigger sling to take down this Goliath

Bill (kidthor) is at it again with another awesome mech called Goliath. Among the clever parts usages in this creation, my favorites are the use of Cordak darts in the missle pack and these curved bricks to flank the cockpit, creating a great shape transition.

4 comments on “David needs a bigger sling to take down this Goliath

  1. carterbaldwin

    I’ve noticed this before when you’ve blogged kidthor, but I’m pretty sure his name is not actually ‘Nunoyo Bizznizz’ :)

  2. Nannan Post author

    I thought so too (although he lists that as his name on MOCpages). A previous post mentioned him as Bill, which seems much more reasonable.

  3. LegoDad42

    I remember the ‘goliaths’ from Starcraft back in the day.
    THIS IS FANTASTIC! Great looking model at all angles. Love the details on it. Man…don’t you wish Lego made some of these kits for us folk to purchase and build. Maybe one day.

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