Anti-Green announcement

We interrupt our scheduled blogging with a message from David Pickett (fallentomato): orange is the new green.

8 comments on “Anti-Green announcement

  1. Fred

    Funny but I can’t take his side. I hate white.. I have 30 gallons of white pieces that I toss in a corner. They just tend to yellow and scratch so I don’t care for it.
    Sorry white.

  2. fallentomato

    Thanks for the mention Nannan, it certainly boosted the view count! For those interested in the context of the video as Daedalus noted this is in response to another video I did, the Pro-Green Commercial and is part of a larger series of videos.

    I also have Pro-Orange and Anti-Orange commercials planned for later this year. I am a huge fan of both Green and Orange and making these commercials was really an excuse for me to buy more parts in those colors.

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