The palace of TenderShadow’s dreams

I think reader ShiYue is right that we’ve never blogged anything built by a LEGO fan from mainland China.

With an impressive palace measuring 92 x 42 studs and 59 cm tall, Beijing builder “TenderShadow ” (zgreenz on Brickshelf) helps us introduce the world to a community of LEGO builders with whom we might not usually interact.

LEGO palace

Looking over the pictures, I’m impressed with how much Technic TenderShadow has incorporated into the build. We all use Technic for structural integrity and studs-not-on-top (SNOT) construction, but it’s unusual to see quite this much Technic in the detailing for a LEGO Town creation.

For those of you reading The Brothers Brick in China who might not already know this, is a LEGO fan site with hundreds of active members.

Thanks for the tip, ShiYue!

1 comment on “The palace of TenderShadow’s dreams

  1. Creative Anarchy

    I really love it but not as a model. The technic peieces add a lot of detail but they don’t model archetectural elements so much as mechanical ones. If you squint at the pictures you can almost see teh little gears turning all over the palace. this would be such a cool element to incorporate in the archetecture of a Steampunk Moc. Well done!

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