Extracting oil from the frozen tundra

This pumpjack diorama by Miles Finlay is quite an interesting build. It’s larger than minifig scale and takes on the theme of industrial realism that’s rarely depicted in LEGO.

4 comments on “Extracting oil from the frozen tundra

  1. Jai

    That just makes me want to make Daniel Day-Lewis quotes.



    Good stuff!

  2. milesfinlay

    Thanks Nannan for the recognition and Fred and Jai was the kind comments. For all who are interested, I have added some new photographs since this post. I apologise, in advance, for my lacklustre photography skills – I wasn’t expecting this level of interest!
    I am seriously flattered that my model made it onto TBB – that made my week!!

  3. Fred

    Thanks for the additional shots. I work for an Oil/Gas company and always wanted to build something like this for the office. You’ve matched the details very well. I know the guys would be impressed.

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