Collectible minifig series coming Summer 2010 – Caveman, Zombie, more [News]

The LEGOLAND Windsor website released the following image in a survey recently, depicting what is apparently a collection of minifigs that may be released next summer, starting around June 2010.

Collectible LEGO minifigs

The collection appears to include the following 16 figures:

  1. Caveman
  2. Cheerleader
  3. Clown
  4. Adventure-dude
  5. Crash Test Dummy
  6. Diver
  7. American Indian
  8. Magician
  9. Ninja
  10. Doctor/Nurse
  11. Robin Hood / Forestman
  12. Robot
  13. Emo Boy
  14. Astronaut
  15. Lucha Libre / Superhero
  16. Zombie (!)

(At this point, I think there’s enough corroborating evidence to report this as fact. I’ll save the analysis for another day. Via Brickset.)

17 comments on “Collectible minifig series coming Summer 2010 – Caveman, Zombie, more [News]

  1. Minifig-man

    I’m totally going to get the crash test dummy. Zombie (especially torso) and Lucha Libre are cool as well.

  2. Ezechielle

    There is one thing I don’t understand: are theese supposed to be selled in other toys shops or is it limited to Legoland Windsord?

  3. eti

    According to our info at Lowlug it will be a series of collectables sold in closed baggies so you don’t know which one you’re buying. Collect them all!

    Some believe that you’ll even get a mixture of parts but probably there will be a complete minifig in each baggy.

  4. Fred

    yep.. sealed bags. Also hearing they’ll run about $2.50 which places all 16 at $40 IF you pick the perfect bags….

  5. Whittleberry

    I certainly hope these short-production-run figs aren’t contracted off to China for production…

  6. davee123

    Yeah, I’m very concerned about the quality issue here. We’ve seen poor quality in the magnet figs, some of the battle packs, and the vintage minifig collections. All indicators point to “bad quality” for these upcoming figures, but I’m still crossing my fingers!


  7. Nannan

    Having random figs in opaque baggies would make an excellent scavenger hunt. It takes me back to the days when I collected Kanohi masks.

  8. Benjamin P

    Now, will these be available in America?

    I really want the Robin Hoodish figure, but not many others appeal to me. Shame they’re in non-transparent bags…

    Nice marketing trick though.

  9. Ramone

    I don’t mind the blind bags really, that kind of adds to the fun. BUT, I do NOT want parts mixed–I’d rather get one figure, thanks. This is such a neat promotion, but it’s got mega fail written all over it you can’t get all the parts for one character in your purchase.

  10. MiPod

    Zombie epic win! :D

    I personally think the Cheerleader, Adventurer, Magician, Robot and Astronaut are wins too. The others have awesome parts, though.

    MiPod 

  11. Creative Anarchy

    I am massively stoked by a lot of the parts here. I will wade through as many clowns as I need to get get two robots and an army of Emo boys. I’m sure we’ll see a lot of these pieces in upcoming sets but the robot head has got to be pretty limited. OH a TLG licenced zombie minifig! My heart is all a-flutter!

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