BrickArms adds a bit of transparency (and some shine)

LEGO custom weapons BrickArms

BrickArms just posted new transparent weapons packs on their site. The packs are available in red, blue, green and clear. You get 34 for $25. I saw the transparent weapons flying of their table at BrickCon, so I would expect these to go fairly quickly.

According to BrickArms spokesman, the ever enigmatic badger, these are color matched to LEGO’s transparent pieces.

Edit: I’ve just been told that they added Chrome Weapons Packs yesterday. The chrome weapons are very sweet. I picked up a couple at BrickCon.

LEGO custom weapons BrickArms

8 comments on “BrickArms adds a bit of transparency (and some shine)

  1. worker201

    I don’t get this at all. I thought people shopped at Brickarms because they wanted more realistic weapons. I fail to see how a trans-red paintball gun is meeting that need.

  2. Catsy

    I kinda feel the same way about the guns–the melee weapons are another story; we use minifigs for tabletop gaming and my GM likes to use the trans- weapons for enchanted items.

    But they were selling like hotcakes at BC, so I guess there’s a demand.

  3. the enigma that is badger

    @worker201 Most folks have found the trans-accessories, including the firing weapons, quite useful. I’ve seen some very nice uses of them in Space MOCing, more than a few fun builds that use them as squirt guns, and like Casty said, the melee weaponry works very well for magical/energy-based weapons.

    True, BrickArms accessories are more detailed than LEGO minifig accessories (for a few different reasons), but they’re still minifig accessories. Fun colors that make for neat building always seem to be well-received, regardless of how “real” they are!

  4. Nannan

    Also, Brickarms have now become a collectible item, so novel colors are always interesting. If I see LEGO make their Star Wars blasters in trans colors, I’d jump on them in a heartbeat.

  5. the enigma that is badger

    Yes, BrickArms is a business that Will uses to support his family, and it can’t be overstated how appreciative Will is to all the builders who have placed orders with BrickArms over the years and enjoyed his products.

    However, I can state that profit is far from the first thing on Will’s mind when it comes to producing BrickArms accessories. Will uses only the highest quality product methods (US production, high quality ABS that’s identical to the plastic used by LEGO, accurate color matching), and that decision means much, much higher production costs. Will could easily increase his profit margin by using less expensive means of production (overseas production, cheaper plastics), but Will prides himself on the quality of his products. I would point out that even with these higher production costs, BrickArms accessories are still comparably priced ($1-2 dollars a part) to other custom accessories.

    In regards to these packs, the Trans Packs have a price per part count of <$1 an accessory, an exceptionally great value. The Chrome Packs also have a price per part of ~$2 a part, only slightly higher than regular parts despite the *VERY* high cost of the high quality electroplating process used to create them. Will does know builders are budget conscious, and all BrickArms products are priced with this in mind.

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