Beware the wizard wheelchair!

I know I’m a pathetic sucker for any creations based on Terry Pratchett’s Discworld, but it’s impossible to resist another of Sylvain’s (captainsmog) dioramas. Aside from the tie-in with my favorite author, this uses a variety of both sophisticated and simple techniques to create a detail rich scene. Plus, it has a wizard’s bad ass (not a town near Lancre) wheelchair almost running over a watchman.

LEGO Discworld captainsmog Windle Poons wheelchair

Windle Poons isn’t my favorite character, but this is just a good all around medieval city scene. I especially like the weeds growing through the textured cobbles, the drain pipe on the left, and the wooden roof.

1 comment on “Beware the wizard wheelchair!

  1. Synorbs

    Although medieval lego is easily my favourite kind of lego i don’t really like the scene as such but i love Windle Poons and his little vehicle. Would be great to have on the desk, scenery apart, to roll around now and again then replace to the mantle peice.

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