Who needs LEGO electronics when you can build your own?

The MP3 Player, CD Boombox, Digital Camera, and other devices LEGO has licensed Digital Blue to manufacture may be out in stores now, but we all know they’re not “real” LEGO. If you want electronics built from actual LEGO bricks, you’ll have to make your own.

Well, that’s exactly what John Park over at Make Online has done, building his own wall-mounted charging station that handles an iPod and a cellphone, along with hooks for two pairs of keys.

LEGO recharger

Click the pic to read exactly how John built his recharger.

Meanwhile, Andy Lunn has built an ingenious flip light from LEDs and LEGO. Watch the video here, and read his instructions on how to build your own LEGO flip light:

1 comment on “Who needs LEGO electronics when you can build your own?

  1. worker201

    Certainly cute, but impractical for long term use. My cell phone’s USB recharge connection doesn’t have enough friction to justify letting it hang suspended for long periods of time. My iPod’s connection probably is strong enough – but I don’t want to test the limits of a $300 device.

    Now, if one were to attach a plate to the phone or iPod’s casing, which would stick to the base, allowing a little more support, that might be worth looking into.

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