LEGO VIP Program

I’m passing some information along about the LEGO VIP program. I must apologise profusely for taking so long to blog this information. It came right in the middle of a very busy patch of my life and I then completely forgot it.

LEGO VIP program

It also came as a PDF which made life much more difficult. I’ve converted the PDF pages to images and uploaded them to flickr. It comes in UK, US and German forms.

And from the FAQ:

Frequently Asked Questions

  • How can I join the LEGO VIP Program?

    To join the LEGO VIP Program, visit your nearest LEGO Store and see a LEGO Store Associate to pick up a card. To complete your registration, you must go online to and submit your member profile. You can find a complete list of LEGO Stores at

  • How do I collect points with my LEGO VIP Card?

    When you are ready to make a purchase at the LEGO Store, hand your VIP Card to the cashier. Your points will be instantly added to your card as a part of your purchase transaction, and you can view the points you’ve earned at the bottom of your receipt.

  • What about my current paper loyalty card?

    If you own a loyalty card with valid stamps on it, just bring it in store and exchange it for a new LEGO VIP Card. We will transfer all of your spend amount across so you won’t lose out, plus we’ll still give you the 25 bonus points for signing up.

  • How do I check my points balance?

    There’s a points statement at the bottom of your receipt, which will tell you how many points you have earned on that transaction, and what your current total balance is. You can check your balance by visiting and selecting the ‘My VIP’ tab.

  • How do I add family members to my LEGO VIP Membership?

    If a family member is over 13 years old and resides at the same postal address, you can add them to your LEGO VIP Account. To do this, your family member must first join up in store and collect their own unique LEGO VIP Card. They can then ask a Store associate to create a ‘shared membership’. If you already have both cards, you can also create the
    shared membership by contacting our Consumer Services department. It is important to note that all members within a Shared Membership can earn and redeem points from the same points account. LEGO is not responsible for any points redeemed without shared member approval.

  • What happens if I need to return items to the LEGO Store?

    If you return the item with your receipt you can exchange it for another product or refund. We will require your VIP Card to adjust the balance accordingly. For more information on the LEGO Store return policy, please consult your purchase receipt or a Store Associate.

  • What if I change my address?

    If you move, please let us know! You can email our Customer Services Department, and include your old address, new address and VIP Card number.

  • What if I have lost my LEGO VIP Card?

    If your card is lost or stolen, please contact a LEGO Store Associate for a replacement card. The lost card will be deactivated and your points balance will be transferred across to the new card. LEGO is not responsible for any points redeemed on a lost or stolen card.

  • Do my points ever expire?

    Yes, if your card is left inactive for a consecutive period of 24 months, we will reset your points balance. Before this happens, LEGO will notify you via email.

8 comments on “LEGO VIP Program

  1. Herman

    Oberhausen is a 45 minute drive from here, I really wonder if
    1. I can get a card as a Dutch person
    2. If it’s worth it, I mean a 45/90 minute drive isn’t free
    3. If I can use the card when ordering online

  2. kunert

    In my experience, they are having a rough start with this program. I have over a hundred points and the cashier at my local Lego Store couldn’t figure out how to apply them to my purchase last Saturday, even though my balance was clearly visible.

  3. David4

    Yes, it’s fine that you haven’t posted it because like everything else LEGO has ever tried to change it’s a huge mess.

  4. PonchoPenguin

    /lines up with other dutch people complaining because Oberhausen really is too far away. And in a different country.
    Also, I think that it is a great idea, but should also be for S@H.

  5. polywen

    What I was told at the Anaheim Lego Store was that the card will apply to shop@home beginning February 2010. When I first signed up for the card, the Store was experiencing problems with the system. There was a promotion that gave a 50 point bonus for signing up in the first 2 weeks, except Lego didn’t have the system worked out yet. I called Lego Customer Service and they were great about it, it took them 2 weeks to fix it, but they did. And Customer Service would periodically call me to let me know they hadn’t forgotten about it. I haven’t tried to get my loyalty stamps converted yet, but that ill be next.

  6. David4

    I think it should be illegal to get rid of points after X months. Stores do the same thing with gift cards and it shouldn’t happen, it’s not right.

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