A brick is just a brick!

1x1 Brick with stud on side

Sometimes a brick is not just a brick, it is the brick. Jason Heltebridle (Moctagon Jones) has a picture of a brand new brick with a single stud on the side. I realise the same effect can be achieved with a 1×1 technic brick and quarter pin but this new part will align properly and not swing.

12 comments on “A brick is just a brick!

  1. Legeaux

    Another advantage over the 1×1 technic pin option, is that the side opposite the stud is smooth. (Or at least, I hope it is!).

  2. bluemoose

    There are 6 of them in the Snowman, all in white, which is still a decent number. Hopefully it’ll appear in a few more colours soon :-)

  3. Marc Nelson Jr.

    It’s kind of funny – that’s what clone brand headlight bricks have always looked like. I remember having some examples in olive drab from Tyco.

    Not quite as handy as the brick with studs on two sides, but still a nice part (as long as it doesn’t replace the old headlight brick).

  4. David4

    I don’t think it could replace the old one because that has a special back that might be needed for sets.

    I bought the snowman, it is missing a piece and the top looks like there is silver mixed in with the black.

  5. Creative Anarchy

    I don’t think the headlight brick is going anywhere now that the cafe corner series has started using it to make brick facade. It’s just too cool of a look to toss out.

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