Nightmare, the flaming stallion

It’s not easy to build realistic creatures in LEGO on a small scale, but midnightcat have skillfully created a flaming stallion called Nightmare. I really like the use of the new flame pieces for the mane.

7 comments on “Nightmare, the flaming stallion

  1. Idran

    Just a minor correction; I don’t think it’s called Nightmare. I think it is a nightmare. It’s a kind of demonic horse from D&D that looks just like that, a pure black horse with a flaming mane and hooves. It’s probably from myth before that too, but I’m not positive on that.

    And yeah, that looks awesome. It’s really amazing they could make something at that scale look so horse-like.

  2. Melfice

    Yeah, I was laughing about that too, but y’know?
    A horse is a horse, unless it’s made of fire, of course.
    Then it’s just awesome.

  3. Bunbrick

    Sure hoping young Brady there is merely a BBQ fan, not a serial killer in the making… >_>

    Speaking of (potential) typos… :-p
    (and i swear this stuck out at me already before even seeing the above Comments discussion)

    Is midnightcat a collective (ala Arvo), that it says “have” in your post, or is that in fact a typo?
    Just curious.

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