Lego Reality Shows...for real? [News]

Yup, you read that right…Lego reality shows. According to Variety, LEGO is partnering with Scott Messick to develop several different ideas.

Reality producer Scott Messick has partnered with the Lego Group to develop nonscripted programming related to the toy building-block franchise.

Messick said he’s developing several different types of reality shows related to the brand – including docuseries, competition shows and kid-oriented gamers.

“Lego seemed like such a powerful brand, and I don’t think they were thinking about reality TV,” said Messick, who is exec producer of Cartoon Network’s “Destroy Build Destroy.”

Read the full-length article for more information. I’m withholding judgment until I actually see these. The docu-series, based on the travels of some of the Master Builders, sounds interesting. Not to sure about the game shows and such. What are your thoughts about this?

10 comments on “Lego Reality Shows...for real? [News]

  1. CatJuggling

    To me, a reality show about people building would be only slightly more compelling TV than say, watching a writer write a novel over the course of a year. :p

  2. Paganomation

    My first reaction is that a reality show is a quick and cheap way to get the LEGO brand into TV space. I’m against the idea of reality television in general but I suppose its cheaper than some kind of LEGO animated series.

    A game show, on the other hand, might be cool. Depends on how well the LEGO aspects are implemented into it.

  3. Benjamin P

    Following LEGO Master Builders around would be cool, but I’m feeling meh towards the game shows because I don’t feel it would really matter that it was LEGO they are using.
    As for building competitions…well, there is definitely a difference in skills in age groups, and I don’t think kids would want to watch adults build-off every week.

  4. legojbaker

    If they did a show “Following LEGO Master Builders around” it would be similar to Food Networks “Ace of Cakes,” there might be enough personality to make it entertaining.

    The build-offs would be excellent high tension entertainment

  5. proudlove

    Dude! I totally predicted this would happen! Except I didn’t think it would be this soon. I could totally see an “Ultimate Cake-Off” type show with three Lego builders squaring off against each other for a cash prize. Hook me up with some of that action.

  6. CatJuggling

    LegoJbaker and Proudlove do have a point. There have been some reality/competition shows that edit 8 or 10 hours of work down to an exciting* 30 or 60 mintue show.

    *Actual enjoyment of said shows will vary depending on the audience.

  7. legomason

    There was that episode of Ultimate Cakeoff where they made a Lego-themed cake for Legoland California.

    All the cakes sucked though.

  8. aussielegocollector

    Like many I don’t enjoy most reality TV. IMHO reality TV is anything but real. I struggle to see how a LEGO related program would fit.
    And yet…
    How’s this for an idea?
    Cameras follow a group of applicants for a designer’s position within LEGO. Everyones wants the dream job. (TLC is rumoured to put applicants through hoops during the recruitment process. This could be intensified and exaggerated for the TV.
    Each applicant would have back story for pathos.
    There’s cut-throat competition to get the position – bitchiness happens.
    There’s TLC making it difficult for applicants – bringing the tears and tantrums.
    There’s a wild card entry drawn from the AFOL community – the underdog.
    There’s an overconfident and annoyingly talented prodigy – who everyone thinks will win – but at the last minute screws up something basic.
    There’s all the contenders living in a shared apartment in Denmark – trying to share the housework fairly and order pizza in Danish. Played for laughs!
    There’s never before filmed behind-the-scenes access to TLC and factories!

    I’d watch that!

    Hell I’d even pay for cable TV just so I could watch it.

    …mmm thinking I should pursue a career in TV land!

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