Dalí + Halsman + Balakov

Mike Stimpson (Balakov) takes us into the strange world of Salvador Dalí with his latest photo, a reenactment of Philippe Halsman’s Dalí Atomicus.

LEGO Dali Atomicus

As always, the setup shot is nearly as amazing. Mike writes:

This was rather difficult, and wet. It took two and a half hours to set up, and 15 seconds before the set was destroyed by the chaos that ensues when you turn a hosepipe on a carefully balanced Lego scene.

That is so unbelievably cool.

2 comments on “Dalí + Halsman + Balakov

  1. Ochre Jelly

    OMG that is just 2 kool for skool!

    Of course, to create the original photo, they actually got to throw real cats, which I expect was a ton of fun! (Not the cats, though).

  2. legofesto

    Very very cool. I love the way Mike’s mind works, especially when capturing detail. A hosepipe: what a touch!

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