LEGO is like ovulation

As far as abstract LEGO sculptures go, this one takes the cake. In this creation by Marisa, the builder portrays the birth of the brick in an abstract representation of a follicle rupturing to release the egg. At the same time, the sculpture is a tribute to Ole Kirk Christiansen, the founding father of LEGO. Critics may dispute the appropriateness of the metaphor, but I think the attempt is genuine.

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  1. Luke Chapman

    Wow! Pretentious or what? A trite metaphor to boot. Abstract art should be thought-provoking or insightful of an emotional response/connetion? Neither of which this achieves.

  2. marisa

    Hi! The most interesting thing about abstract art is the different interpretations that people can give by only looking at something. :)
    Your point of view is very interesting and curious but my idea was to show the birth of lego like a birth of an animal (duck, chicken…). :D

    My metaphor is used to establish a connection between Ole Kirk C. and the birth of Lego. If it wasn’t for him, we wouldn’t have this hobby.

  3. Tristan Amaya

    Ya I agree ith what marisa says…
    I thought it was pretty good I could make this anyway I wanted too as well as you guys

  4. Cole Blaq

    Honestly, this is crap!
    There is no shaping, no sense of colours and no sense at all. It does not work without the title, sorry but this is neither abstract nor a piece of art, it is just some assembled bricks – maybe with some intention but it does not communicate to me as a piece of art itself how a thoughtful and good (even tactile) piece of abstract art should do.

  5. Cole Blaq

    I might add to my former comment:

    No personal attack intended, if that can be said if a creative output of someone is critisized.
    Since Duchamp anything can be art, it’s just a point of view. My above critique therefore is my personal view and relates to my personal definition of art – an important issue due to my studies in art history.

  6. Tananavalley

    I liked it from the moment I saw it. The idea was brought forth so simply but effectively.

    @Jacob – you bring nothing to this discussion.

    @Cole Blaq – I am glad your studies in art history have given such discriminating abilities. Stay in school.

  7. Cole Blaq

    If I feel a dislike to something, or feel it mismatches my aesthetic sense – by sight or thought am I not allowed to state my opinion? Since when is critisim only for scholars?
    Using the term “discriminating” and “stay in school” shows your feeling towards my expression (may my words be seen as a form of art). Furthermore you’re stating them freely, reflecting exactly that what you critisize on somebody else.

  8. Tananavalley

    @Cole Blaq – “Honestly, this is crap!” may well be your opinion, but it is a poor form of critique of someone’s work. I believe that most likely you would not say that to the creator in person, but the facelessness of the Internet has given you cause to abandon civility. I have never heard at anyone at a LEGO gathering ever speak to someone else in that fashion to their work. If they do not like it, the just go on to the next creation.

    Being rude with the caveat “that’s my opinion” just doesn’t cut-it.

    I could be very wrong however. You, Luke Chapman, and Jacob might simply be scared of the female reproductive system. (I would say that to your face)

  9. Luke Chapman

    You’re right, personally, I’m simply scared of the female reproductive system (Oh! I feel so emasculated!) Thank god Marisa didn’t go with her first idea of having a brick protuding from you know where. Shudder.

    Don’t start pointless arguments like this over the abandonment of civility due to the “facelessness of the Internet” etc etc. There’s too many of those around here. Maybe Cole Blaq was blunt, but he does make exceptionally good MOCs (Mr Kipling reference there)

    I stand by what I said, that the metaphor aligning the conception or “birth” of a non-living object or concept with human or animal reproductive systems is trite and not insightful in the slightest.

    Plus, I’d speculate that this wouldn’t be ol’ Ole’s cup of tea, either…

    (Sorry. I go into “troll” mode after midnight and can’t help clicking “Submit Comment”, when I know I shouldn’t)

  10. Tananavalley

    @ Luke Chapman – It is never a pointless argument to treat people with respect. You could have very well offered some help or advice if you believed it was needed or just left it alone. You went out of your way to be mean.

    Cole Blaq’s ability to build with LEGO bricks has nothing to do with the way he treats people. And that go’s for you also.

    @ Marisa – Congratulations on being featured on TBB. I myself have not seen a creation quite like this, and I like the surprise at seeing something off the beaten track.

  11. Starwars4J

    Wow, what’s with the douches coming out of the woodworks? She wanted to make something that pleased her, and I almost guarantee it wasn’t to make it onto TBB. You don’t like it? Fine, but like Tanana above said, find your basic human civility, dust it off, and give it a go. I’ve seen far worse models on here absolutely praised because the person that made it is well known in the community, things with less meaning or depth than this.

    You want to act like little e-tough guys and gang up on her MOC? Go ahead, it really makes everyone else impressed with you. It’s just too bad you don’t have the courage to act like men rather than children.

    Nobody’s saying you need to praise everything on here, but you can always do the appropriate thing and either:

    1. Just not comment.
    2. Give valid critique.

    Honestly this trend of people acting like fucks online is something I’ve never understood, but I guess it’s something to keep in mind as the kiddies make their way here from 4chan.

  12. gambort

    The quality or lack thereof has nothing to do with whether civility should be expected. There are places out there where civility is not expected but this is not one of them. Whether or not you could take the criticism you dish out it’s particularly rude to be so obnoxious when you know the creator is reading.

    In short keep your hostile and overt negative opinions to yourself or to places where they’re expected. It’s rude and offensive to do it here and just makes you look like a tool.

  13. Cole Blaq

    OK, after some reasonable feedback I should take back my blunt critique and shall not continue arguing. My words were not carefully choosen and might offend the person who created this model. For this I do apoligize to marisa and will keep my directness to other places.
    Thanks for the advice.

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