As we live a life of ease

Nick Dean's Hotel Imperial

Nick Dean has drawn inspiration from the game Bioshock moved art deco under the sea to create this excellent Art Deco inspired undersea hotel with full interior. There’s too many good details to describe so I’ll leave it to you to scour each picture for the things you like.

13 comments on “As we live a life of ease

  1. Creative Anarchy

    The details and use of space are just staggering. I am completely humbled as a builder. I wish there were more pictures.

  2. NickD

    Just FYI, it’s possible to build an undersea hotel in an art deco style without it being related to Bioshock…

  3. Herman

    Wow. Again I start to doubt if I will ever be this good.

    On the other hand it motivates me to build more. On a tight budget that’s kond of hard though.

  4. alldarker

    Simply, truly, absolutely wonderful.
    Not only in the size of the MOC (it’s a lot bigger than the initial photo’s would have it appear) but especially for it’s style and consistency on all scales, from the sculptures on the outside, the showers and the bath, to the ice sculpture.

  5. gambort Post author

    @NickD: I agree it is possible but given that bioshock is doing the rounds with its art deco buildings and underseaness it’s hard to believe that it could not have been a little influenced by it. Would it have been made if the game wasn’t out and well-publicised?

  6. NickD

    I have never played Bioshock, I didn’t know there was art deco in it. My thought process was hey, I want to try art deco, but a normal city is boring.

    I don’t mean to sounds like a dick, but don’t tell me my thought process.

  7. NickD

    Also, although your reporting wasn’t spot on, thanks for putting it on here. Any publicity is good publicity!

  8. gambort Post author

    @NickD: I wasn’t telling you your thought process, I was merely pointing out that even if you didn’t set out to be influenced by Bioshock I find it unlikely it didn’t have some subconscious influence.

    It’s like me claiming that my WWII X-wing wasn’t in some way influenced by the Steam Wars concept going around at the time. There was no direct influence (my thought went “wouldn’t it be cool to reimagine the X-wing as a WWII prop plane”) but I find it unlikely that my idea was totally independent of the other so I credited as such.

  9. Creative Anarchy

    Hey NickD
    Don’t be offended, the assumption that your inspiration was drawn from a source in no way deminishes the skill or creativity of this piece. Given the very tiny niche of underwater art deco and the very hich concept of the Bioshock games it’s bizzare to imagine that you weren’t influenced by them if only indirectly. Folks are just opperating on logic.

  10. alldarker

    Let’s just call it serendipity.
    Like Nick, I too have never played Bioshock, but this hotel and the comments about the likeness to that game actually made me go and order the game! Hmmm… come to think of it, I guess it would have been better if it had influenced me to go a make a MOC…

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