Architect to the ancient Egyptian upper class

As a total history nerd, this ancient Egyptian nobleman’s villa that Deborah Higdon (d-higdon) built earlier this year for for an exhibit at Ottawa’s Museum of Civilization caught my eye. It’s a composite of historical reconstructions she found in books, and then she made it her own.

Higdon Egyptian villa

She’s not satisfied with a few of the peripheral elements, but the architectural detail, scenes of regular life, and beautiful garden make up for any minor shortcoming.

2 comments on “Architect to the ancient Egyptian upper class

  1. moop2000

    They need to turn this into an official set! I know they did an Egyptian series 11 years ago, and it’d be nice if they brought it back. It seems ripe for Lego-fication. :)

  2. Starwars4J

    I love ho there are areas of no detail contrasted with areas of absolutely amazing detail. It’s very real in that sense, not every square meter of space needs to have something detailed about it.

    Very well done. And that’s a LOT of tan, I’m jealous.

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