Pansymecha makes fanboy mecha swoon

I enjoy seeing genres and bandwagons being approached with a sort of irreverent creativity, so it was great to see this OTOMech Model TK-MM, built by Dave Sterling (half of ToT-LUG) for the 2009 MOClympics. It was inspired by the Otomen manga series and brainstorming with other LEGO fans, which is a great way to get silly ideas.

Tot-LUG Pansymecha

My favorite features are the kitty greebles and the simple fact that the cockpit fits a Fabuland figure, but there’s a lot of other stuff to love.

2 comments on “Pansymecha makes fanboy mecha swoon

  1. eti

    Cool! It’s about the first mecha (or whatever those things are called) that I actually like.

    Now what are the mocolympics? Some sort of internet based contest?
    I never heard of that… there should be a place where links to that kind of things are gathered so those who are interested in them would actually find them.

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