Leavenworth, your Bavarian getaway!

Leavenworth, WA is a small town about 100 miles east of Seattle styled as a “Bavarian village,” with the world’s largest collection of nutcrackers and an annual Oktoberfest rivaling Munich’s.

Catherine (LegoQueen) created a trio of buildings inspired by our faux-German neighbors to the east.

LEGO Leavenworth

The scene needs more drunken tourists eating frozen cheesecake, but I love the variety of rooflines, and the green and brown building in particular.

2 comments on “Leavenworth, your Bavarian getaway!

  1. Nolnet

    I love the fact – and cannot resist to mention – that the famous german nutcrackers are not from Bavaria but from either Thuringia or the Ore Mountains, located between Saxony and the Czech Republic. The houses however are really nice. The use of headlight bricks for the railing is awesome.

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