BrickMania M4A3 Sherman Tank custom kit now available for pre-order [News]

Dan Siskind of BrickMania has just announced that his next custom kit is available for pre-order — the M4A3(76)W VVSS Sherman Tank.

LEGO M4A3(76)W VVSS Sherman Tank

I’d never bought any custom LEGO kits from somebody else, but I bought two of Dan’s kits a few months ago.

LEGO Red Baron triplaneI couldn’t have been more pleased. They’re well-designed, interesting to build (well, except maybe the tank treads, heh heh), and a lot of fun to see how another LEGO builder solves interior structure problems you’d never see in a photo.

Though the printed instructions for the two kits I ordered were $10 more expensive, I found them harder to read than the electronic version on a CD.

If you’re reading this, you probably have a computer, so I recommend taking the cheaper, more legible route.

You can pre-order your own Sherman from

6 comments on “BrickMania M4A3 Sherman Tank custom kit now available for pre-order [News]

  1. Andrew Post author

    Heh heh, that makes more sense than my assumption, doesn’t it? No, those are decals. Dan sells decal sheets to go with his custom kits.

  2. Artahn

    Umm… actually I was talking about the bricks.

    I’ve previously gotten rid of my collection, so I have no old gray to compare to the picture, and (from my view) it seems to have a greenish hue. I figured it was either painted, some form of mold-theivery, or made from a ripoff brand. Considering the fact that the third is highly unlikely and that the second is absolutely ridiculous, I thought that they might be painted, or I was seeing it wrong. (obviously, I was)

    Either way, thanks Andrew.

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