Charlie & the Chocolate Factory is much less terrifying in LEGO

As much as I enjoyed Roald Dahl’s classic book, I was fairly traumatized as a young child by “Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory.” The recent, correctly titled Johnny Depp vehicle was only slightly less sinister. Craig Lyons (LegoLyons) has captured the wonder and magic of Dahl’s writing in a series of LEGO vignettes, beginning with Augustus Gloop’s untimely — albeit temporary — end in the chocolate river.

LEGO Willy Wonka with Augustus Gloop

More recently, Craig has posted one of the early scenes from Dahl’s sequel, Charle and the Great Glass Elevator, with lovely ice cream clouds.

LEGO Charlie and the Great Glass Elevator

I can’t wait for Craig’s LEGO interpretation of the vermicious knids. SCRAM!

4 comments on “Charlie & the Chocolate Factory is much less terrifying in LEGO

  1. MiPod

    Wow! I acted as Willy Wonka in a play recently. Since then, I’ve been looking around for LEGO Charlie and the Chocolate Factory MOCs and haven’t found any! Except this, of course. :D

    Great work, Craig! : )

    I also was traumatized by the old film! :P

    MiPod 

  2. Optimystic

    I found the Johnny Depp movie far more sinister than the book.

    I love some of the edibles in the first Vig.

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