Now for something completely different...and bigger

This hardsuit by Ceramite is really big, but that head cracks me up! Who would have known that the saltshaker head would be so useful? ;)

78th Mech - Power Armor - Mark1

Many thanks to Joe for the “heads” up!

4 comments on “Now for something completely different...and bigger

  1. Clefspeare

    That’s either a regular sized head and a bunch of very tiny bricks, or those are regular sized bricks, and that guy’s head swelled up from using too much mustache gel…….

  2. Jai

    Heheh, very interesting. Love the pepper shaker one, as well. This one really looks like it must be motorized, what with the big switch on its belly…

    I wonder if anyone’s used the LEGO ice tray to build Hoth (Or, well, whatever. Hoth just came to mind) dioramas out of ice bricks…

  3. ceramite

    Josh thank you for the write up and Joe thank you for the heads up!!!!!! My girl friend proclaimed I was Lego Famous for a day. hahhahahah

    Thank you for the post, it is a huge honor!
    Adam aka Ceramite

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