LEGO Pirates tic tac toe

A new set has appeared on LEGO Shop at Home: LEGO Pirates Tic Tac Toe
!icon It’s not up for sale yet, but we suspect it soon will be. Hopefully the cost will not exceed that of the previous Castle tic tac toe at $14.99, and 10 figures would make for a great battle pack.

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9 comments on “LEGO Pirates tic tac toe

  1. nekodachi

    Looks like the price of some of the pirate minifigs may being dropping on
    BrickLink in the near future. Particularly the lady pirate and the governor.

  2. ry

    ^ Because if you fill every space, the player who moved first will also be the player who moves last, using all 5 of his/her pieces. ;)

  3. Nolnet

    note to self: don’t questions facts that others have probably given a lot more thought than you.

    Who gets the pile of geek points I just lost?

  4. ry

    @ Nolnet: I only had the answer ready and waiting to go because I had to stop and think about it myself when I first saw the set. :)

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