The glorious apocafication of 7641 & 7733

Nick Crocco (Steam Pirate) is taking the apocafication of official LEGO sets to great heights.

An armored city bus emerges from 7641 City Corner.icon

Apocafied LEGO 7641 city bus

Nick replaces the stickers on the truck in 7733 Truck & Forklift with Space Police III stickers of the same underlying design.

Apocafied LEGO 7733 truck

I think it’s awesome that the LEGO designers took an existing LEGO City design and essentially apocafied it themselves for Space Police III. And it was brilliant of Nick to notice.

Of course, it looks like Nick could use some more zombies. Fortunately, we’ll have plenty available at BrickCon.

LEGO zombies in a bowl

6 comments on “The glorious apocafication of 7641 & 7733

  1. Andrew Post author

    ^ eBay & BrickLink. However, I have already purchased most of the world’s available supply of bulk zombie heads.

    I have no need for these heads beyond Zombie Apocafest 2009, though, so we’ll most likely be giving away the majority of them at BrickCon in October.

  2. Creative Anarchy

    Not to seem impatient but I’m a slow builder and I’m getting antsy about Brickcon. When are we going to see a thread about contributing to Zombie Apocalypse this year?

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