The Grand Opening of the Golden Tulip

Tom Snellan goes into the hotel business in a big way with his latest creation. This hotel has a very nicely understated facade and the roof has an intriguing texture to it. The nieghboring buildings are an added bonus. That sandgreen one is incredible.

Tom has also given this scene a lot of life with his street scene. The breakdancer is a nice touch. I do feel sorry for the fig on the roof though. Looks like he’d better learn to fly real soon.

LEGO Hotel Golden Tulip

2 comments on “The Grand Opening of the Golden Tulip

  1. stephendsdude

    This is a very nice building. I love how it fits in with it’s surroundins. The vintage feel of the entire MOC is awesome.

    HAHAHA. The fig on the roof. X_X.

    Teh streets are also very nice. They look genuinly like sotrm drains, as they should.

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