7747 Wind Turbine Transport isn’t the Vestas Windmill, but it’ll do [News]

The rumored, non-exclusive LEGO windmill set appears to be on the horizon, in the form of 7747 Wind Turbine Transporticon.


The set isn’t available in the US yet (we got the tip from reader Matthew in the UK), so here’s a direct link in case the ones above don’t work:


And for those of you wondering what the heck a “Vestas Windmill” is, 4999 Vestas Windmill was a special limited-edition set created exclusively for employees of the Danish wind turbine company Vestas. As cool as it was, it was never made available to the general public, which caused quite a ruckus in the LEGO fan community.

Though substantially smaller than 4999, Perhaps 7747 Wind Turbine Transport represents The LEGO Group listening to that hue and cry…

11 comments on “7747 Wind Turbine Transport isn’t the Vestas Windmill, but it’ll do [News]

  1. DocRod

    Saw one of these in a store in Sydney a couple of days ago..

    Strange that it would be in Australia before the U.S. ??


  2. chrism

    I was surprised to see this set show up at Toys R Us in Halifax, Canada. I considered picking it up because of its rarity, but it just didn’t seem very compelling.

  3. DavidStannard

    Nice set overall the Wind Turbine is a well proportioned model and will fit in with the Lego City range, I have already bought 2 for my future layout. The Vestas set was a nice set but it was somewhat overpowering in size dwarfing everything around it, whilst 7747 Turbines you could have a few of these to emulate a windfarm and they would look great and not take up much space.

  4. Nolnet

    So Octan now engages in clean energy, huh?
    That set is waaay too expensive. 444 parts for 60 Euros, that’s a Star Wars price…

  5. Dave_Sterling

    I saw this set at BW 2009 and I really love it. The sizing should fit in great with my layout scale. It’s nice to have a less expensive option than the Vestas one would have been. Bravo TLG. :-)

  6. David4

    Yeah I love the set, but if the thing ever comes out in the USA it will be like $60, and that is way way too much. The whole point of the set is to make LEGO fans happy because LEGO couldn’t release the Vesta version because of it’s cost. Now they release this and they have it hugely overpriced.

  7. lluisgib

    I have mine coming to Barcelona…

    This is a worldwide exclusive of TRU and S@H.

    It is a very cool set and for the people who have the 4999 (as me ;D ) it is also a good complement.

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