LEGO Star Wars 8038 The Battle of Endor and 7749 Echo Base now available [News]

Following quickly on the latest LEGO Star Wars and Indiana Jones sets, 8038 The Battle of Endoricon and 7749 Echo Baseicon are also now available from the LEGO Shop online.

The Endor set includes 12 minifigs and a great-looking AT-ST. The rebel commando minifigs have torsos that will work really well for military minifigs.


For only $25, Echo Base has a Tauntaun — let me repeat: a Tauntaun!!! — Han Solo, two rebel troopers (with new goggles), and two Imperial snowtroopers.


8 comments on “LEGO Star Wars 8038 The Battle of Endor and 7749 Echo Base now available [News]

  1. Starwars4J

    Actually I believe these were made available at the same time as your last post, or at least within an hour or so. Either way they’re two great sets, but sadly fall a bit to the wayside given the other great sets made available in this rush! Endor is a bit on the pricey side, while Hoth really offers little beyond the Tauntaun (and a couple of headgear pieces). The real win is the Trade Federation shuttle with those two new great figs, and that Trade Federation tank droid with the new jetpack parts.

  2. TooMuchCaffeine

    The UK might well have these, and the Games from today, but still no sign of the new Indy sets.

    It’s starting to make me a little cross. Don’t TLC appreciate I have a Venice Library WIP to get finished. They have no consideration for my feelings at all, do they?

  3. Puddleglum

    Gosh, I would have died for these sets a few years back when I was a full-blown SW LEGO collector. Just the sort of thing we were all clamoring for! They are both fine sets to be sure. However, Echo Base sort of feels like a battle back with a $15 Tauntaun. But with all the great figs in these two sets, it’s hard to complain.

  4. TooMuchCaffeine

    Thanks RichardAM and my apologies to the LEGO co. I have only been checking for the little “new” flag to come up on the online store – not actually going into the Indy section. My bad.

    Very excited now. Off to place an order!

  5. Xiphos Systems

    Would love to see what those goggles look like paired with other helmets.

    Also, AT-ST looks great, but it’s a shame that the legs are immobile. Oh well…I guess that’s where the inevitable modifications figure in.

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