More ’80s flashbacks

1985 CatalogA few weeks ago I spent a few great hours with friends just poring over old catalogs from the early 1980s through late 1990s. I especially treasured the 1985 catalog (right, US edition) and kept a copy that my friend could spare. That was probably the first year that I was old enough to start building up my own Black Falcon army to challenge my brother’s cowardly lions. This last Saturday, one of the most prized items in our LEGO user group’s gift exchange was a stack of Idea Books from the last 30 years.

So I was absolutely ecstatic to see that Robert VH (flickr and MOCpages) had built The Spearhead, a spaceship that appeared in the 1986 LEGO comic story “Jim Spaceborn.”

Robert VH Spearhead

During my “dark ages,” I did a pretty good job of preserving most of my bricks and instructions, but I regrettably let the catalogs and idea books go. Luckily, I have friends who have plenty of extras. Reliving those memories and garnering inspiration from those classic documents can be a refreshing addition to building.

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  1. bobzilla

    I’d completely forgotten about that book! I spent years trying to find a way to build that ship!

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