Reminder: Testimonials needed for 2009 LEGO Ambassador nominees

LEGO Ambassadors logoAs many LEGO fan communities discovered last year, convincing community members to step up and say something nice about each of the nominees proved to be harder than anticipated.

Some communities were even unable to submit their nominees due to lack of testimonials. Unfortunately, this part of the process is proving no less challenging this year.

So, this is a reminder for all of you out there to go to each of the communities where you’re active and write a testimonial for your LEGO Ambassador nominees.

Here are the three nominees for The Brothers Brick: | Nominees: (process complete) | Nominees:

  • Bonaparte
  • Zorro

Comunidade 0937 | Nominee: Pedro “El_Gordo” Silva

Eurobricks (process complete) | Nominees:

FBTB | Nominees:

Flickr | Nominees:

HispaLUG | Nominee: Lluís Gibert

MOCPages voting is over, and testimonials are being collected by the individual nominees.

Palikkatakomo | Nominee: Tuomas Kukkamaa

PLUG | Nominees:

RoLUG | Nominee: Adrian Florea

SandLUG | Nominee: Fradel Gonzales

TurkLUG | Nominee: Cagri Yuz

Kockice | Nominee: Matija Grguric

I’ll be adding more lists of nominees as I encounter them. Other contributors are welcome to edit this post and do the same. Commenters are encouraged to add links in the comments as well.

If you’re wondering what a testimonial looks like, check out the three testimonials I posted for the nominees chosen by the LEGO fan community on Flickr.

15 comments on “Reminder: Testimonials needed for 2009 LEGO Ambassador nominees

  1. onetruescotty

    For whatever reason, I cant testify on Nannan’s actual page, so I’m gonna put it here and y’know, y’all can move it around.

    Nannan has been a great supporter (and attendee) of LEGO and Lego conventions for as long as I’ve been around. He attends both Brickworld, and Northwest Brick Convention on a yearly basis (to my knowledge). He is friendly, funny, and all around a great guy and a benefit to the entire hobby. He is generous, but genuine, and a prolific contributor to the online LEGO and Blogging community.

  2. Legoloverman

    Testimonial for Tim Gould

    Tim would be an excellent LEGO Ambassador for the next cycle. He’s done a fantastic job communicating with the AFOL community during the last cycle. He is also a great builder, and a good friend.

    -Peter Reid

  3. DonSolo

    FBTB actually has a pair of nominees, Jeremy/Copyright and myself. I just need to drum up those testimonials before tomorrow so I can be considered. Thanks for the handy reminder Andrew. :)

  4. Andrew Post author

    ^ Awesome. I just couldn’t find the thread, I guess.

    I’ll update the post with both PLUG and FBTB info later.


  5. Andrew Post author

    And we’re done! The names of all three nominees have been submitted to The LEGO Group for consideration as LEGO Ambassadors.

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