The Chief proposes...Katie accepts

Ryan Wood proposed via this giant LEGO ring. Pretty cool idea, if you ask me. This happened back in 2006, but Ryan just posted new and improved pics.

LEGO Wedding Engagement Ring

His lovely wife, Katie, built this cool mosaic of their wedding.

LEGO Mosaic Wedding

She displayed it at BrickCon 2007, but I don’t think we ever blogged it.

5 comments on “The Chief proposes...Katie accepts

  1. Brickwares

    I’m a fan of The Chief, he was one of the first AFOLs who linked my work on his blog. I think the ring idea was a great one, and I love that real ring was hidden in the Lego diamond.

  2. Josh Post author

    ^ Yes, they did. Very good ones, too. I thought we had blogged them, but it appears that we didn’t…..


  3. Brian from

    I love it! Great use of the transparent roof tiles! And Katie’s mosaic is excellent. Nice work!

    My wedding this past February was mostly non-LEGO, but I managed to sneak a few features in there:

    The Groom’s cake:
    A Lego portrait of the bride & groom:

    Play well!

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