5 comments on “The Chief proposes...Katie accepts

  1. Brickwares

    I’m a fan of The Chief, he was one of the first AFOLs who linked my work on his blog. I think the ring idea was a great one, and I love that real ring was hidden in the Lego diamond.

  2. Josh Post author

    ^ Yes, they did. Very good ones, too. I thought we had blogged them, but it appears that we didn’t…..


  3. Brian from brickworkz.com

    I love it! Great use of the transparent roof tiles! And Katie’s mosaic is excellent. Nice work!

    My wedding this past February was mostly non-LEGO, but I managed to sneak a few features in there:

    The Groom’s cake: http://twitpic.com/8951w
    A Lego portrait of the bride & groom: http://twitpic.com/895mq

    Play well!

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