Vote now for The Brothers Brick’s LEGO Ambassador!

LEGO Ambassadors logoTechnical difficulties prevent us from using the poll feature we used last year, so we’ll use the approach that seems to work reasonably well for LEGO fan communities on sites like Flickr.

Learn more about the nominees

You see their posts here on The Brothers Brick, but who are the people behind the names? Read brief bios about each nominee and learn what you can expect from them during the 2009-2010 cycle.

Each nominee also needs three testimonials from members of the community that nominates them. Feel free to leave a testimonial for one or more of the nominees on the posts I’ve linked to above.

Vote! Vote! Vote!

We can submit up to three nominees to The LEGO Group. Conveniently enough, we only have three nominees. Still, it’s important for us to communicate to LEGO which of the three nominees we believe will best represent the interests of The Brothers Brick readership community.

Please leave a comment on this post with your vote for one nominee.

Note: To keep vote tabulation simpler, please ask your questions about the process on the original post (LEGO Ambassadors Cycle 7 nomination process for The Brothers Brick) rather than here.

60 comments on “Vote now for The Brothers Brick’s LEGO Ambassador!

  1. ikarus

    He’s more focused, instead of just saying he’ll be a bridge between AFOLs and TLG.

  2. Magnus

    While I’m confident that all three nominees will do a great job, my vote goes to Dan Rubin.

    I’ve come to know him well through our local lug,and he has proven himself capable and active, with strong organizational and communication skills.

  3. Brad

    Dan Rubin.

    It does sound like all three nominees would be excellent Ambassadors, but I am most intrigued by Dan’s specific platform suggestions of more space and a new Idea book. But: when it comes right down to it, I’d rather LEGO make a quality toy than give AFOLs everything we want; fans are notoriously fickle! I’m happy if we get a few good bones and a line of communication. I don’t want the moon!

    However, I’m sorry to say that I do not know Dan (or any of the nominees) well enough to provide a good testimonial.

  4. matt

    Another vote for Tim Gould! He’s an active member of the virtual LEGO community and has been most helpful to several builders new and old, myself included. Plus he’s a nice guy.

  5. Optimystic

    Dan Rubin

    I haven’t been part of this community for long, and I don’t know any of the Nominees well enough to properly formulate an opinion, but looking at the Platforms I would have to go for Dan.

  6. dbol

    I really like the fact that Dan has a specific platform. I’m sure any of the three would do a good job but I have to vote for Dan.

  7. The Mad Physicist

    All the candidates rock, so this is not an easy choice. My vote goes to Tim Gould.

  8. Bunbrick

    I finally bothered to go through the process of registering for this site, just to place my vote on Dan Rubin. If that isn’t a vote of confidence, I don’t know what is! :-D

  9. BreadMan

    After hearing about the idea book thing, I’m gonna have to go with Dan Rubin for this round. Idea books, along with alternate models on boxes, are something I feel really represent what is great about lego that has somehow been completely missed in the last decade. I would love to see idea books be printed yearly, even if they were just fan printed.

  10. shepo22

    Dan Rubin has my vote do you you Know Why its cuz i was a jerk to him and i”m sorry and his lego mocs and minifigs Are awesome :)

  11. Andromula

    Dan Rubin has been a great LEGO Ambassador . . . and another term can only improve the odds of what he’s already pushed for.

    My vote goes with Dan Rubin.

  12. Andrew Post author

    I’ll be voting for Dan & Nannan elsewhere, but for TBB my vote goes to Tim.

    For all of you subscribed to comments on this post by e-mail, we still need testimonials for all three nominees, so please swing on by and say something nice on their bio/platform posts. :-)

  13. wunztwice

    All fantastic guys who work hard at this, and I would love to vote for all three of them. That said no-one should feel down when I cast my vote for:

    Dan Rubin

    It really boiled down to minute details of the platforms.
    Whoever gets it I’m sure will do a great job!

  14. Magnus

    Dan Rubin has maintained a presence in the AFOL community for many years now, and is recognized as a major builder and one of the key community people within the space theme.

    As a builder, he is notable for his ambitious projects, which can be very large, impressively detailed, humorous, and highly original. Through his Galactic Inquisition theme, he has been among the Space builders who really develop their own building identity within the larger theme through completely original subthemes.

    Of course there are plenty of top-level Space builders, and where Dan truly stands out from the crowd has been in his capacity and natural talent as a community leader. He has been active in his local lug, WAMALUG for many years now (including a stint as a LEGO Ambassador), and has taken on responsibilities for organizing window displays at local stores. He has also taken lead in planning and managing various public displays at the National Air and Space Museum on the National Mall.

    Dan has also been involved in many large scale LEGO conventions, taking the reins as Space coordinator, in a role that requires organizational as well as people skills. Dan has a good sense of how to resolve potential conflicts within the community, being diplomatic and decisive, as situations require.

    Dan is highly active in the online community, on Flickr, Classic Space, and most recently has joined the ranks of the Brother Brick bloggers. He has a good eye for quality builds and distinguishing between the many impressive MOCS and those creations that truly stand out for their originality and creativity.

    Dan has served successfully as LEGO Ambassador for a few years already, representing both Classic Space and WAMALUG. He has developed close connections with key people in the Company, and chosen to take on leading roles in Ambassador programs. His continued service as Ambassador for another year would allow him to continue his valuable work in bridging the gap between company and consumer, and would be of great benefit to all involved.

    Magnus Lauglo – current and prospective LEGO Ambassador

  15. lostcarpark

    I vote for Dan.

    If a testamonial is any help…

    Dan Rubin has been a huge presence on the AFOL scene, showing fantastic enthusiasm for all things Lego and especially space. He was enormously helpful in getting my won project off the ground, and he has constantly proven himself to be a model AFOL, both in his creative building and community activities.

  16. Andrew Post author

    Thanks everyone! The voting is now over and everything has been submitted for all three nominees to The LEGO Group.

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