Daniel Rubin: LEGO Ambassadors nomination bio and platform

With apologies for the delay — I’ve given up on trying to get the poll to work again — we now bring you brief biographies and “platforms” from the three people nominated to serve as LEGO Ambassadors for you, the readership community of The Brothers Brick. This is the first of three posts.

About Dan

Daniel Rubin is a long time space builder. He is the main administrator of the forums on classic-space.com. Dan is also a blogger on The Brothers Brick, where he largely covers space, mecha and sci-fi creations.

Dan’s Platform

  • Continued pressure on the LEGO company to produce more and better space sets
  • Continuing work on a new Idea Book project, which he proposed and began work on during the last cycle of the Ambassador program
  • Continued attempts at getting AFOL desired parts into production
  • Bringing the complaints of the people to the ears of those at LEGO who have the power to affect them

Feel free to ask the nominee questions or leave comments of support on this post, but please don’t forget to actually vote!