Tengen Taishi mecha by Phong Chang

I hadn’t encountered LEGO mecha builder Phong Chang until recently, but it looks like he’s been building some pretty cool mecha for some time. His latest is apparently an update to an earlier version, titled “Tengen Taishi” — inspired by the recent anime series Tengen Toppa Gurren-Lagann.

LEGO Tengen Taishi mecha

More photos on Flickr and MOCPages.

2 comments on “Tengen Taishi mecha by Phong Chang

  1. Will Thomas

    Yeah, it’s a really good anime-style mech.

    Andrew: In your comment on his mech: He’s not being ushered in to the drama on Flickr, he’s just continuing a feud that began on MOCpages just because he can’t accept someone’s opinion. In a sense, he’s bringing his own drama to Flickr. Although it’s not like Flickr was drama-free before his arrival. :P

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