LEGO Battles for Nintendo DS now available [News]

The early impressions about LEGO Battles (a new real-time strategy game for Nintendo DS) weren’t entirely positive, but Destructoid played the game at E3 2009 earlier this month and has a different viewpoint.

Conrad Zimmerman writes:

I’m looking forward to playing this, in part because it looks adorable but also because the simplification of what can often be a convoluted style of game really appeals to me. I avoid RTS games not because they aren’t really fun but because I can’t keep track of everything going on and wind up just getting wiped out when the second or third attack on my forces is made. LEGO Battles looks just simple enough to play that I may be picking this one up when it comes out.

LEGO® Battles is available for – Nintendo DS™ now.

3 comments on “LEGO Battles for Nintendo DS now available [News]

  1. Andrew Post author

    ^ Yes. Warner Brothers owns the licensing rights to Harry Potter, and Warner Brothers Interactive is the publisher for this game.

    EDIT: Never mind, this isn’t about the Harry Potter game, is it? :-D Not sure why WB is the publisher for this game…

  2. RichardAM

    Warner Brothers bought the developers Travellers Tales if I remember correctly.

    As for the Harry Potter and Rock Band titles, both are insane webs of licensing issues that i’d rather not try and work out.

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