Custom LEGO Star Wars Slave Leia minifig

I’m generally not impressed with the results of combining clay or Sculpey with LEGO minifigs, but Peter C. (Pete Corp) has achieved amazing results with this custom minifig of Princess Leia as Jabba the Hutt’s slave girl.

LEGO Star Wars Custom Slave Leia minifig

Princess Leia’s armband, bikini, and ponytail are all sculpted from clay — amazing detail at this small scale.

Check out Pete’s photostream for lots more photos, including close-ups and fascinating shots of the work-in-progress minifig.

2 comments on “Custom LEGO Star Wars Slave Leia minifig

  1. Artahn

    At first look, I honestly thought that brickforge had released some sort of Lego Star Wars’ 10th Anniversary product or something. Amazing work.

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