Mashikuf likes all the pretty songs — and flowers too!

Mashikuf of Toys in the Attic built this lovely flower shop for last year’s Brick Fan Town event in Japan.

LEGO flower shop

Note the varied colors in the brown section on the top floor and the crenellated row above the awnings. Gorgeous.

What’s amazing is that this excellent building is just one of dozens built for the collaborate display back in September 2008.

LEGO Brick Fan Town in Japan

Thanks for the tip, Hendrick!

4 comments on “Mashikuf likes all the pretty songs — and flowers too!

  1. MisaQa

    You can enjoy to see more building of Brick Fan Town in the Web-site.
    There is map of the town ,a lot of pictures of building(130 or more!) and episode of the building. There is link to each modeler’s Web-site. There is a story in the town, too.

    The member also is announcing the photograph respectively.

    City Hall(Hakusyaku)
    Open-air theater in the river sid(Hidaka)
    Juno Garden(MisaQa)
    The historical subwaystation of City Hall(hita_h_i)
    Public Hall(MUTCHY)
    DAILY PEG’s Newspaper Publishing Company(ken-tucky)
    UP2 Building(ken-tucky)
    Central Station( sekiyama)
    Chocolatier Jean=Paul Edge(Edge)
    Toys in the Attic(mashikuf)
    Spanish cafe corner(peachtree)
    BFT Public Library Branch of Bayside(Hayashi)
    Museum of the Pirate Ship in Southern Sea(jaudeau)

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