Fire Skull

This burning skull by Billy McGill is quite striking! I’ve seen a lot of interesting shapes made out of the flame pieces, but this is something special.

LEGO Fire Skull

9 comments on “Fire Skull

  1. brendanpowellsmith

    Wow! So crazy awesome. A fire skull. Brilliant. Incidentally, can anyone provide an instance of the now famous fire-to-fire connection being used before this one from October 2003?

    Just curious. I remember being astounded at the time that fire pieces had been around for 10 years (since 1993), and were apparently designed to lock together with a snap connection, and yet up to then I’d never seen it done in an official set (still haven’t) or by a another MOC builder.

  2. legomason


    I never realized you can do that. I always thought that little mini stud was just so it fit in the old dragon’s lower jaw.

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