Nanny’s had her scumble

More great custom Discworld minifigs by captainsmog. This time capturing the earthiness of Gytha Ogg and the stern visage of Esme Weatherwax, witches of Lancre.

Lancre Witches

Also check out his new Death 2.0 and brick-built Death of Rats.

2 comments on “Nanny’s had her scumble

  1. Matn

    Although I don’t know anything about Discworld, these figures are great! I really like the style in which they are made, it’s unique LEGO minifigure style. They are convincing me to get to know more about Discworld.

  2. Thanel Post author

    Wonderful books. A starting point depends on your particular tastes, but Terry Pratchett’s Discworld novels are basically divided into the following major mini-series (with the 1st book in each series in parentheses): Wizards (Colour of Magic); Witches (Equal Rites); City Watch (Guards! Guards!); Death (Mort); Young Adult/Children’s (The Amazing Maurice and His Educated Rodents).

    Before anybody jumps all over me. There are more mini-series, but they are usually 3 or fewer books in length, at this point, such as the history monks and Moist von Lipwig or stand-alone books set in DW (“Small Gods” is my favorite).

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