LEGO Carl Fredricksen, from Pixar’s “Up”

Angus MacLane has created an incredibly accurate LEGO version of one of the main characters from Pixar’s latest feature film, “Up“. From the bulbous nose and jutting jaw, to his green-footed cane and bowtie, this is perfect! Of course, what else do we expect from Angus?

LEGO Pixar Up Carl Fredricksen

For more about Angus and Pixar check out our interview, as well as his interview in the current issue of BrickJournal. BrickJournal also has instructions for a LEGO BURN-E that Angus designed for the crew of the movie. Those of you paying attention to the credits during BURN-E will have noticed that Angus directed this wonderful short feature.

“Up” opens in theaters on May 29th….don’t forget!

8 comments on “LEGO Carl Fredricksen, from Pixar’s “Up”

  1. stephendsdude

    That is FANTASTIC! I love that attention to detail.

    I actually thought about making a Carl Fredricksen out of LEGO’s, but unfortunately, I don’t have the variety of LEGO that most of the AFOL’s have. If I did, I wouldn’t be writing this right now!

    Once again, AMAZING!

  2. MacLane

    Thanks for the compliments. To set the record straight- the *sand purple* 4073 is an intentional AFOL “nerd trap”. I figured that anyone who might care that that piece does not exist would know that it does not exist (which is what I think you are pointing out- good catch). It is actually a light-bley piece slightly altered in Photoshop. Other than that everything else is legit.

  3. Ochre Jelly

    Nerd trap – brilliant idea! Looks like I got snared then.

    Actually, I’ve used that trick too once or twice in the past (tee hee – but I’m not telling where, though!) :D

    Keep up the great work, dude!


    PS: Don’t suppose you were at Pixar during the Hanrahan era, by any chance?

  4. buriedbybricks

    Really great build! And that ‘Clown Wars’ tank is hilarious! I’m suprised I haven’t seen it blogged!

  5. Thanel

    @ buriedbybricks: Working back through the archives is indeed worth it. All kinds of little treasures and unique ideas that didn’t get bandwagoned, but are well worth exploring further.

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